How to play CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: international Offensive or CS:GO is an internet 3-D action shooter. It was released by the Source engine. Let’s have a look at what it offers.  

Here you see two sides: Terrorists (T)  and Counter-Terrorists (CT). The number of team members is five. The main assignment of the Terrorists is to plant the bomb at the marked spot on the map and provide the explosion. There are two places for planting a bomb on each map, which are marked as A and B. The CT’s main task is to inhibit the planting and exploding of the bomb by killing all Terrorists or defusing it. A match goes on for 30 rounds. After the first half of the game (15 rounds), gamers mechanically transfer sides. The team that wins 16 rounds wins the game.

How to play counter strike global offensive? Installation and forward settings

Today all gamers are aware of  “how to play CS:GO” or “the way to install CS:GO”. However, in case you do not know – this paragraph is for you.  

Firstly, to play CS:GO you need to download Steam from your browser and create an account using your email or telephone. Look for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive inside the Steam marketplace and press the green button “Play game”. And the best thing about it is that you don’t want to buy it because it’s free-to-play. There are more than 8 maps in CS:GO.    

Click on the maps icon in the menu and click “find a match”. There is additionally rating matchmaking in CS. Gamers compete there to become more professional and skilled players.

How to start playing CS:GO and show great performance?

If you need to grow to be a well-known player and show your mastery, you should learn a lot. Before beginning to play ranked matches it will never be senseless to do a little warm-up on the training map. You may install them from the Steam shop without delay in CS. Kill at least 500 bots in various in-game situations and after, it will give an extra experience and help you to feel confident during the match. 

You could additionally play video games that increase your reaction time, for example, Guitar Hero or Piano identify. Try to do a response time test to check your development. But do not wait for an immediate insight. Everything comes with experience – simply practice, do scheduled training, and you may reach the goal.

How do you play CS:GO and in-game characteristics?

Never forget that CS:GO is just a game. Stay calm and do not get angry if your teammate’s skills is worse than yours. In the other case, you will get reported in-game, and your BI (Behaviour Index) will decrease. And you will play with gamers with a low equal index and less good enough as a result. A behavior index is hidden in-game information about an account that suggests how adequate its owner is. The more bad reviews you have, the lower your index will be. You are not able to make your teammate play better by yelling in voice chat. Even s1mple has unfortunate games, and it is normal. Relax from time to time, or try to play with buddies. Who knows, it may be your win condition.

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