What is Valorant? Best valorant players

Valorant is 3D first-person shooter designed by Riot in 2020. Before release, it was already called “the killer of the CS: GO”. It was believed that this game would dethrone the legendary cs go. But Valorant was not destined to immediately achieve such a goal. Valorant, like other games, is a part of esport. Thousands of tournaments are held in this discipline. Despite its cartoonishness, Valorant was liked by many people around the globe. 

In this article, we’ll show you the valorant top players and other gamers who became famous due to this game.

Top valorant players in 2022

Here is a list of the best valorant players in the world’s ranking made by our experts:


Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is a professional canadian Valorant player. He started his Valorant career in Cloud9 Blue but has recently moved to Sentinels. He’s our number one pick for the best Valorant player of 2022, and here’s why.

Simply, TenZ is a monster at making kills. He’s fast and smart and loves to duel. His unpredictability, and personal skills, make him one of the most feared Duelists in the NA region. He could read the game and adapt to the team. Whether he’s on Jett, Reyna, or Raze, he’s always a powerhouse capable of taking down anyone he spots.

2. Asuna

Here comes another Duelist, and this time it’s Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk. This 18-year-old player of 100 Thieves, and already one of the greatest Valorant players in the world.

His Agent’s perforations are Raze and Phoenix, and no matter which one he’s playing – he’s a miracle. He likes to stay on the edge of attack and plays extremely aggressively.


Hunter “SicK” Mims used to be CS:GO pro player. Ever since joining Valorant, he’s been playing for Sentinels. SicK is one of the most flexible players in Valorant. He can play different roles and can adjust his playstyle according to the team’s needs. When playing his Phoenix, he’s a deadly force, especially when coupled with TenZ’s Jett. While he’s most effective as a Duelist, he can easily swap to an Initiator as Sova, or support his team as Sage.

Best valorant player in the world


Acend signed cNed along with the remnants of the Raise Your Edge Gaming roster. He and his crew quickly busted into the top level of competition, immediately finding success by placing first in the EU VCT Stage 1 Masters. The team also went on to win Valorant Champions, proving Acend as the best team in the world. While games were close, the deciding factor for many rounds was based on cNed. The primary number of rounds Acend lost had been due to teams completely deciding to play around and avoiding cNed, a duelist that brought fear to his enemies. With his high movement Jett pick on the Operator, cNed can fully utilize his agent to get early picks and has even shown to be capable of defending an entire push by himself.

Best player in valorant among ex-CS:GO players

Spencer “Hiko” Martin still holds a special place in every Valorant fan’s heart. As an ex-professional CSGO player, Hiko brings a plethora of game knowledge to the table. While not actively competing, he’s still a streamer for 100 Thieves and plays the game each day on his Twitch stream.

Hiko mostly plays Sova and uses his vast experience and the information he gathers through his Agent’s abilities, to relay important messages to his team and guide their next move. Since he’s usually the last man to fall in battle, he has a history of taking down multiple enemies solo, earning himself a reputation of a clutch master.

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